Transaction Advisory Practice

JLT Specialty USA’s Transaction Advisory Practice offers products that cater to potential liabilities arising out of M&A transactions. Transaction liability coverage helps facilitate M&A deals by removing obstacles to transactions, unlocking funds otherwise reserved against potential liabilities, and offering peace of mind to buyers and sellers.

Our Transaction Advisory Practice comprises many former M&A and tax lawyers who are well versed in the specific challenges and nuances of M&A activities and transaction liabilities. They seek to understand your M&A risk concerns and then create a solution to mitigate those concerns, working with the best insurance markets given deal structure, size, and sector.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Representations and Warranties (Reps and Warranties, or R&W)
  • Fraudulent Conveyance Insurance
  • Successor Liability Insurance
  • Tax Liability Insurance (including for renewable energy development and investment)
  • Contingent Liability and Litigation Insurance


To discuss your specific needs, please contact:

John Mcnally
Senior Vice President
T 518 698 9626