JLT Specialty USA’s Surety team develops surety solutions for clients in the construction and commercial sectors. Surety credit is one of the most important credit facilities available to support your business. Our team possesses an extensive surety technical background, combined with years of broker experience. This superior combination of experience and expertise enables us to anticipate your needs and effectively develop solutions to the most complicated bonding issues.

Our approach takes a proactive stance on the key elements of your surety relationship, including:

  • Negotiating with markets to deliver the most favorable terms & conditions – work program, carrier strength, rate and indemnity
  • Maintaining outstanding relationships with top-tier surety companies at both the local and national levels – we engage the best surety people to address the situation affecting your business
  • Fostering a strong relationship between our clients and their surety partners – ensuring there are no surprises
  • Providing 24/7 online access to comprehensive bond reports customized to your requirements
  • Establishing and maintaining 'stand-by' surety capacity to assure our clients of uninterrupted support

Few partnerships are as vital as the one between you and your surety partners. We understand this dynamic and have the experience and technical capability to ensure that your bonding program provides you with the competitive advantage needed to maximize your future financial success.


To discuss your specific needs, please contact:

Construction Surety:
Gary Rispoli
T 484 654 0579

Commercial Surety:
Patrick Hennesy
T 713 325 7645