Special Situations Group

JLT’s Special Situations Group (SSG) is unique in the insurance industry as we are the only broker with a team of restructuring professionals who focus solely on insurance solutions for distressed and bankrupt companies. Our expertise guides clients through the unique personal asset risks that arise in a distressed environment, as well as corporate issues such as recapturing excess collateral posted to insurance carriers, transactional liability and complex claim resolution. JLT’s SSG has helped with 30% of the 20 largest U.S. bankruptcies in history (as determined by prepetition assets).

Our services can help you with the following:

  • Protect directors’ and officers’ personal assets in a time of crisis
  • Develop strategies to obtain the best available pricing
  • Design solutions to increase company cash flow and liquidity
  • Use insurance to remove risk from M&A transactions


To discuss your specific needs, please contact:

David Payne
Executive Vice President
T 720 501 2804

Jason Horwitz
Senior Vice President
T 312 637 6099

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