Mergers & Acquisitions

JLT Specialty USA’s Mergers & Acquisitions Group is a dedicated team of 23 specialists who specialize in meeting the needs of companies involved in mergers and acquisitions. We help you close more deals, preserve and recapture cash, increase valuations, and exit deals cleanly while distributing capital sooner. We guide due diligence, develop alternative asset manager solutions, provide transaction liability solutions, and build post-closing risk management strategies and implementation plans.

Our services include the following:

  • Private equity and strategic/corporate deal guidance
  • Catastrophic exposure modeling
  • Portfolio company management liability programs
  • General partner liability coverage
  • Contract and bank covenant review for compliance
  • Coverage adequacy forecasts
  • Claims analytics
  • Strategic risk management


To discuss your specific needs, please contact:

Robert Robideaux
Executive Vice President
T 713 325 7653

Andre Eichenholtz
Senior Vice President
T 212 510 1884

Brad Kotlewski
Senior Vice President
T: 212 510 1897
    212 510 1897

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