Our People

At JLT we know that our business is first and foremost a people business. It is the knowledge, intelligence, entrepreneurialism and integrity of our people that sets JLT apart and enables us to go beyond our clients' expectations. 

Across the JLT Group we seek to retain and recruit only the most talented individuals and to provide them with a supportive working environment that helps them build their knowledge, capabilities and skills, providing opportunities for long-term and fulfilling careers. 

Specific Group-wide development programs continue to gain traction across our businesses globally to identify and develop our managers and leaders of the future, combined with a range of technical and skills based learning opportunities.

An important element of this is to encourage individuals to work together in cohesive and focused teams, promoting collaboration, personal accountability and responsibility and allowing every person to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. A number of examples of this can be seen around acquisitions for example, when employees with diverse skills, knowledge and expertise join forces and collaborate to produce tremendous business-changing results.