David Payne

Chief Revenue Officer




David is part of JLT’s U.S. management committee, and is responsible for working with our colleagues to drive JLT’s U.S. growth strategy. David works with our sales team, product and practice groups, and account executives to deliver innovative solutions for our clients in the U.S. marketplace.

David’s responsibilities also include working on insurance solutions for our distressed and bankrupt clients via our Special Situations Group. This practice focuses on working with our partners such as bankruptcy counsel, restructuring advisors, financial advisors, and distressed private equity investors to solve insurance issues.

Previous to JLT, David was part of Aon’s U.S. executive committee, and responsible for Aon’s U.S. new business results. David’s background includes a specialized focus in the executive liability area, including the director and officer liability specialty.  David ran a national executive liability team at Aon and was responsible for servicing a variety of clients across the U.S. from IPO clients to specialized financial institutions. David has been recognized as a Power Broker in the U.S. market. In addition, David has a commercial banking background that provides a unique risk perspective for clients and prospects.

In addition, David’s background includes experience as a commercial and investment banker working for Credit Lyonnais (now owned by Credit Agricole). Responsibilities during his banking career included managing multinational commercial banking accounts in the Midwest, managing a Latin American private equity group in New York and an investment and commercial banking operation in Argentina.

David graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Finance, and received his MBA in International Finance from the American Graduate School of International Management (“Thunderbird”).